The House to Home Holdings (House to Home Corporation Limited) group, alias H2H, was established in 2008 with the vision to establish a Holding Company with diversified business interests. Initially starting in the real estate industry, the House to Home Group has diversified its interests since its inception to:



Focuses on the sales and rental of both commercial and residential properties.



 We can procure almost any product or service needed by businesses, from I.T. equipment to cleaning services, there is no request too big or too small.



We have a wide ranging network of contacts in the financial industry. We can arrange a wide range of financial products and services to meet every need i.e. business plans for acquiring funds for market growth, microloans, etc.



 We can offer a complete service from securing land, design of and building of construction investment projects to rental and management of the completed project.



 We have a wide range of professional on our team that range from business consultants, marketing experts to legal advisers. We can provide assistance in product and market research, sales and marketing research and implementation, etc.

Since its inception, The H2H group has established its reputation in the various fields of business as a trustworthy, efficient and dynamic business. The company prides itself in the level of personalized service it offers all its clients.

Our Primary Objective is to provide quality products and services to a wide client base, whether individuals, SMEs, medium to large business, NGOs, etc. We aspire to be recognized as suppliers of quality goods and services.
We believe that Zambia, like the rest of the world, is changing and with that change, clients will require flexible methods, unconventional modern low risk solutions and development assistance as well as professional services achieved through a unique approach to client’s development problems.
The company has supplied varying products and services that have included; Real Estate Services, Computer and Peripheral Equipment, Software, Solar Equipment, Digital Products, Consumer Electronics, Automobiles to name but a few.
The H2H group has met the needs of many outstanding clients such as First National Bank with accommodation, Behrens with Computer Accessories, Vipya Enterprises with Air Conditioner Systems, Scotland Yard with Security Systems, Red Sea with Consultancy Services, etc…
At the H2H group, our motto is simple: ‘We make life easier’

H2H is solely owned by indigenous Zambians. House To Home Corporation limited is registered under the Companies Act, CAP388 of the laws of Zambia.